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If you have never heard of us, The Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet is the only ballet school in Malta which provides Russian ballet training for kids and grown-ups thirsty for it! Boys and girls from the age of 3 should come and experience a FREE ballet lesson or two.  Or try three - if you’re not quite convinced - before committing to attending two dance lessons a week.


Ballet schools Malta

The Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet is the only ballet school in Malta which provides ballet lessons under The Legat System.  This is a Russian ballet training style begun by Nicholas Legat.  First and foremost, Legat was a man with a big heart and a passion for the art of performing.  Consequently, he invested a lot in the future of ballet and this is proven through the legacy of this ballet school. However, if you have no idea who or what we are talking about, check out our History tab.  Or Google him! Additionally, the principles of the Legat System syllabus, ultimately passed on to its students, has been published in various books and referred to in our Books tab.


Presently, Olivia's ballet school can be located in Naxxar.  Ballet lessons are actually held in two studios, just a few blocks away from each other.  In addition, both ballet studios are equipped with a dance carpet.  No doubt that this provides a safe environment for young ballerinas to begin pointe work. Regrettably, this ballet school has been highly criticised for putting dancers en pointe at too young an age. However, our young excited ballerinas are only allowed to do so under strict supervision.  Thus, during early pointe-work sessions, pupils cling on to a barre and perform ankle and instep strengthening exercises. The Legat System includes pointe work at Grade 4 level and only allows ballet students to sit for it if they are physically and mentally prepared for it.

Olivia Dow || Ballet Schools Malta

Meet our Team


Olivia Dow

MRBSoc., PDTD (Hons) Principal of the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet || Ballet School in Malta. Gold-medalist Ms. Dow graduated with honours in 1968 and joined famous opera and ballet companies including the Pfalztheater-Munster & Kaiserslautern in Germany. Read more...

Olivia Dow, Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet

Jessica Farrugia

Educated at Anthony Lawrence Bartolo School in her primary years, then at Maria Regina Secondary School from where she obtained her Matsec Exams in various subjects.  She successfully completed the Administrative & Secretarial Studies Course at MCAST. Read more ...

Jessica Farrugia, Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet || Ballet School in Malta

Olivia Dow || Ballet Schools Malta

Dance Academy - Olivia Dow's Legacy

'Olivia Dow' is perhaps not the most popular ballet school in Malta.  Therefore, familiarise yourself with our school, by browsing through our website.  This might stir up some nostalgia in those who have been a part of the wonderful experiences this ballet school has to offer. On the other hand, newcomers, feel free to flit through this website, which provides snippets of the context to the school’s history and legacy. 

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Olivia Dow || Ballet School in Malta

Olivia Dow || Ballet School in Malta

Olivia Dow || Ballet School in Malta

Olivia's ballet school in Malta provides children from the tender age of 3 years old ‘the performing experience’.  By ‘performing’, we don’t mean that the kids copy the ballet teacher standing on the side of the stage.  We mean that the young danseur or danseuse stands on that stage beaming with pride as they dance independently to their hearts' content.  And, of course, kids should wave to mummy when they get the chance! Olivia’s ballet term starts at the beginning of September and finishes at the end of June.  During the month of July the young budding stars of the school prepare for their much awaited performance , the highlight of the year! Read more ...


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Dancing Studios in Naxxar || Ballet Schools Malta

No, unfortunately we do not offer salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, or hip hop dance.  But we do offer dance studios, a space in which kids may enjoy and explore ballet classes in Malta.  Please Contact Us if you would like to take advantage of our free ballet classes and feel free to comment on anything as we appreciate  you feedback!

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