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Horro Scope – Olivia Dow’s 2017 performance

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HURRY UP! Or you will miss the train! ALL ABOARD! Off to a new start in the 1920’s. The mansion has been abandoned way long before World War I broke out even birds have found it as their nesting home, but there is something rather eerie about the place…
This year we had the pleasure of including Mr Robert Hampton in our ballet production who is residing here in Malta after having accepted Ms Olivia’s invitation to join the ballet school.  All the student performers have worked hard and showed so much progress in their technique, so keen to participate.
Act I was based on the short storyline and the costumes were depicting the 1920’s except for the part of the birds… a variety of colours and feathers!  The opening of this Act had the Seniors coming down the aisle of the auditorium miming along the way to catch the train.
Act II had a mixture of repertoire and character dance with the opening number of Mother Gigogne and the little ones suddenly appearing from under the gigantic dress to the surprise of the audience… and ending the Act with a musical number from The Tales of Hoffman which inevitably made the audience laugh… perfect just what the students needed!