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Come to Malta for the 2018 International Summer School!!

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Come to Malta for the 2018 International Summer School!

Sun, sea and sand… and sweat? Malta is well known for its “sun, sea and sand”, its heritage and cultural environment gives it its uniqueness in Europe. With over 300 sunny days in a year and surrounded by the Mediterranean “blue” Sea the island is a popular tourist destination. Yes of course there is also the golden sand but not as one imagines: long stretch of sandy beach… eliminate the “long stretch” but good enough to have a couple of beaches spread out around the islands. The word “sweat” may not be pleasant, but where does it fit in? In actual fact, during the summer season in Malta it can be sweltering hot, however, that is beside the point.

It’s wonderful news! The Russian Ballet Society have agreed that the 2 week intensive 2018 International Summer School will be held in Malta. The course will consist of 5 dance classes along with 2 hours of rehearsals per day leading up to an evening performance at the end of the 2 week stay. So yes dears… by the end of the day, sweating is inevitable!

The course will be held simultaneously at 2 ballet studios and the air-conditioned workspace belongs to Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet in Naxxar, whilst the evening performance will be held at Sir Temi Zammit Theatre at the University of Malta in Msida. Accommodation throughout the 2 weeks has been booked at the University Residence in Lija, situated on extensive private grounds with a communal pool. There is much more to this sunspot than sun, sea and sand… there certainly is no shortage of fun or things to do in Malta.

The beauty of the Maltese long summer days till late evening is the variety of time well spent, whether at an early morning visit to the open market; tasting a delicious local cuisine in a quaint alley; or a late night out at a village feast. With roughly 28 miles long by 8 miles wide (excluding its sister islands: Gozo and Comino) Malta is small enough to travel around so wherever you wish to go to, it doesn’t take long to reach your destination. One of the best ways to get acquainted with the Maltese Islands is by sightseeing on the” hop on – hop off” open top buses. So what are you waiting for? Come join in! Or if you prefer, it’s the perfect combination of the two together into a wonderful family trip: some will sweat… and some will bathe under the “sun, sea and sand”!!! For more info email: [email protected]

Horro Scope – Olivia Dow’s 2017 performance

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HURRY UP! Or you will miss the train! ALL ABOARD! Off to a new start in the 1920’s. The mansion has been abandoned way long before World War I broke out even birds have found it as their nesting home, but there is something rather eerie about the place…
This year we had the pleasure of including Mr Robert Hampton in our ballet production who is residing here in Malta after having accepted Ms Olivia’s invitation to join the ballet school.  All the student performers have worked hard and showed so much progress in their technique, so keen to participate.
Act I was based on the short storyline and the costumes were depicting the 1920’s except for the part of the birds… a variety of colours and feathers!  The opening of this Act had the Seniors coming down the aisle of the auditorium miming along the way to catch the train.
Act II had a mixture of repertoire and character dance with the opening number of Mother Gigogne and the little ones suddenly appearing from under the gigantic dress to the surprise of the audience… and ending the Act with a musical number from The Tales of Hoffman which inevitably made the audience laugh… perfect just what the students needed!


Olivia Dow has this year succeeded to amalgamate the ubiquitous Barbie doll with Swan Lake. The choreography of her ballet at the Mediterranean Conference Centre yesterday week was superb and the immortal music of Tchaikovsky delighted the grown-ups and provided alternative music for the youngsters. This is what culture is all about. Well done to everybody involved in the production and staging of Barbie of Swan Lake. Keep it up, Olivia and John!



Mr Joseph B. Urry

Olivia Dow Bolsters contemporary and classic ballet

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Olivia Dow Bolsters contemporary and classic ballet

A ‘royale’ spectacle

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Two words come to mind when watching Kitchen Royale – this year’s annul show recently put up by the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet: Spectacular! Spectacular! It was a mesmerising feast of colours, a medley of non-stop bursts of beautiful costumes, creative choreography, prop and music, which left the audience almost breathless.

The cast of the Russian Ballet students brought to life this ‘happily ever after’ story set in the busy kitchen and banquet hall of a Duchess’s palace.

In the first half, we meet the main characters of the plot: the chef, well-known for his famous cuisine and who has an eye for the housekeeper’s niece, a humble hard-worker who is ill-treated by the rest.  All this is set against a background of dancing chickens, gingerbread girls, village maidens and little flowers from the garden.

In the second act, preparations are underway for a grand celebration to be attended by nobility from all over the world: these include dancing Italians who whiz on stage with dishes of pasta; French with their crepes; Russians with their prized mushrooms; Greeks, Americans, British, Indians and even Maltese nobility make an appearance in their folk costume.  However as the celebrations kick off, food makes way for love, as the Duchess’s son, the Grand Prince, sets his eyes on a Maltese noble lady.

The grand finale came to an end with the massive banquet cake which was decorated with cute little cupcakes – performed by the little three year olds – who captivated the hearts of the audience.

This whirlwind show owes its stunning success to the brilliant choreography of Olivia Dow assisted by Jessica Farrugia and Martina Zammit.  More than a hundred ballet students took part in the show with the age ranging from 23 to three years.

The show, put up at Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta was professionally produced and no detail  was spared to ensure an expertly polished performance.

The ballet school coaches the famous Legat System traditionally followed by the Russian Classical Ballet.  This method, which focuses on Russian teaching techniques was originated by Nicolai Legat, balletmaster of the Russian Imperial Ballet.  His wife, Nadine Nicolaevna Legat, coached the school principal Olivia Dow in her student years in Edinburgh.

More Legat Teachers for Olivia Dow

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Another two Senior ballet teachers have just graduated in the Russian Classical Ballet – Legat System at the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet, in Naxxar. The annual ballet examinations for the ballet school were held last November, 2011 attended by the ballet examiner for Malta, Mr. Robert Hampton, appointed by the Russian Ballet Society in Edinburgh. Marianna Dogum and Althea Corlett are seen here with the said appointed examiner along with some of the Senior students chosen for the Classical and Demi-Character solo dance numbers.
The principal of the ballet school, Ms. Olivia Dow, has been assisted for some years by her two Senior teachers Jessica Farrugia and Martina Zammit and were later joined by another colleague, Ilona Attard, who had fully qualified in October 2010.

In October 2009, Ms. Dow was proud to add 3 more Soloists to the list of achievements. The Senior students – Rowenna Pullicino, Martina Zammit and Colette Caruana are seen here with Mr. Robert Hampton in their Demi-Character costumes.

Cooking Royale

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Kitchen Royale, this year’s annual show recently put up by the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet at Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta, was a feast of colours, bursting with mesmerising costumes and a medley of creative choreography, prop and music.
More than 100 Russian Ballet students took part in the show, with the ages ranging from three to 23 years. The cast of the students brought to life this “happily ever after” story set in the busy kitchen and banquet hall of a Duchess’s palace, choreographed by school principal Olivia Dow assisted by Jessica Farrugia and Martina Zammit.

Excerpt from Marie Benoit’s Diary

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A scene from Kitchen Royale presented by the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet to a packed audience at the Sir Temi Zammit Theatre, University of Malta. This was another enjoyable evening of colour, talent, discipline, glamour and lovely costumes. This performance was the result of hard work and hours of rehearsals and disciplined teaching.

Features – The Malta Independent on Sunday

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The Olivia Dow School of Ballet recently presented another successful end of year school show, Kitchen Royale, a ballet production held at Sir Temi Zammit Theatre, University of Malta.
The production was produced and directed by Olivia Dow featuring Ballet Russe de Malte and included a cast of students from Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet.

Pajjizna moghni b’hafna arti u kultura imprezzabbli

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Olivia Dow

Din is-sena, Olivia Dow, ipprezentat f’Sir Temi Zammit Hall tal-Universita, l-iskola taghha fi programm ta’ zfin madwar il-Kcina u Cinderella. Bhala storja ftit kien hemm, izda kellna successjoni ta’ xeni u danzi tal-ikel u annimali sakemm il-princep jintebah bil hlewwa tal-principessa u jinghaqad maggha ghal dejjem.
Bhas-soltu u forsi aktar, bdejna b’xena verament stupenda, li tat indikazzjoni ta’ dak li kellu jigi wara: kuluri veru sbieh, koreografija brillanti, hajja u anke umoruza – u f’waqtiet anke xi azzardar ta’ xi jete, frappe jew fouettes. Iz-zeffiena mhux biss kienu mlibbsin veru sabih izda dehru qed jiehdu pjacir filwaqt li jaghtu pjacir. It-tfal iz-zghar, ma naqsux fil-kulur u movement taghhom fuq il-palk. Kellna successjoni ta’ etajiet differenti, miz-zghar nett sal-kbar. F’serata li hadd ma xtaq li tispicca.

Norbert Ellul Vincenti